The Water Is Wide

in D


|_ A1 2 3 4 |_ F#m1 2 3 4 |_ G1 2 3 4 |_ D1 2 3 4 |
|_ D1 2 3 4 |_ Asus1 2 3 4 |_ A71 2 3 4 |_ D1 2 3 4 |

Asus 0 x 0 2 2 3 0

After the F#m play the E shape bar chord for G (slide up one fret).

The water is Dwide, G I cannot cross Dover.
Neither have BmI the wings to Emfly. A
Give me a F#mboat G that can carry Dtwo
and both shall Asusrow, A7 my love and DI.

There is a Dship G that sails the Dsea,
A sea so Bmdeep, as deep can Embe,_ A
But not so F#mdeep G as this love I'm Din,
I know not Asushow_ A7 I sink or Dswim.

instrumental break

I leaned my Dback G against an Doak,
Thinking it Bmwas a mighty Emtree, A
But first it F#mswayed G and then it Dbroke,
So did my Asuslove_ A7 prove false to Dme.

Oh, love is Dgentle; G and love is Dkind,
The sweetest Bmflower, when first it's Emnew, A
But love grows F#mold__ G and waxes Dcold,
And fades Asusaway A7 like morning Ddew.