The Riddle Song

in F

I Fgave my love a Bbcherry without a Fstone;
I Cgave my love a Fchicken without a Cbone;
I Cgame my love a Fring that has no Cend;
I Dgave my love a Bbbaby with no cry-Fin'.

How Fcan there be a Bbcherry without a Fstone?
How Ccan there be a Fchicken without a Cbone?
How Ccan there be a Fring that has no Cend?
How Dcan there be a Bbbaby with no cry-Fin?

A Fcherry when it's Bbblooming, it has no Fstone;
A Cchecken when it's Fpeeping, it has no Cbone;
A Cring, when it's a Frolling, it has no Cend;
A Dbaby when it's Bbsleeping ther's no cry-Fin.