Saint James Infirmary

in Dm

I went Dmdown to ASt. A7James In-Dmfirmary
To Dmsee my Bbbaby A7there,
She was Dmlyin' on a Along A7white Dmtable,
So Bbsweet, so A7cool, so Dmfair.

Went Dmup to Asee A7the Dmdoctor,
Dm"She's very Bblow," he A7said;
Went Dmback to Asee A7my Dmbaby
Good BbGod! She's A7lying there Dmdead.

Play a little.

I went Dmdown to Aold A7Joe's Dmbarroom,
On the Dmcorner Bbby the A7square
They were Dmserving the Adrinks A7as Dmusual,
And the Bbusual A7crowd was Dmthere.

On my Dmleft stood Aold A7Joe BmMcKennedy,
And his Dmeyes were Bbbloodshot A7red;
He Dmturned to the Acrowd A7a-Dmround him,
BbThese are the A7words he Dmsaid:

Let her Dmgo, let her Ago, A7God Dmbless her;
Wher-Dmever Bbshe may A7be
She may Dmsearch the Awide A7world Dmover
And never Bbfind a better A7man than Dmme

Play a while.

Oh, Dmwhen I Adie, A7please Dmbury me
In my Dmten dollar BbStetson A7hat;
Put a Dmtwenty-dollar Agold piece A7on my Dmwatch chain
So my Bbfriends'll know I A7died standin' Dmpat.

Get six Dmgamblers to Acarry A7my Dmcoffin
Six Dmchorus girls to Bbsing me a A4song
Put a Dmtwenty-piece jazz Aband A7on my Dmtail gate
To raise BbHell as we A7go a-Dmlong

Optional extra verse Cab Calloway sang:

Folks, Dmnow that you have Aheard A7my Dmstory,
Hey boy, Dmhand me over another Bbshot of that A7booze,
If Dmany one Ashould A7ask Dmyou,
Tell them I got those BbSaint James In-A7firmary DmBlues.