House of the Rising Sun

in Am

There Amis a Chouse in DNew FOrleans,
They Amcall the CRising E7Sun.
And it's Ambeen the Cruin of Dmany a poor Fgirl,
And Amme, O E7God, for Amone.

If AmI had Clistened what DMamma Fsaid,
I'd 'a' Ambeen at Chome to-E7day.
AmBeing so Cyoung and Dfool-[Fish,
Let a Amrambler E7lead me a-Amstray.

Go tell my baby sister,
Never do like I have done.
To shun that house in New Orleans,
They call the Rising Sun.

My mother she's a tailor;
She sewed those new blue jeans.
My sweetheart, he's a drunkard, Lord, Lord,
Drinks down in New Orleans.

The only thing a drunkard needs,
Is a suitcase and a trunk.
The only time he's satisfied,
Is when he's on a drunk.

Fills his glasses to the brim,
Passes them around.
Only pleasure he gets out of life,
Is hoboin' from town to town.

One foot is on the platform,
And the other one on the train.
I'm going back to New Orleans,
To wear that ball and chain.

Going back to New Orleans,
My race is almost run.
Going back to spend the rest of my days,
Beneath that Rising Sun.

from the mid 19th century.

In 1964 The Animals modified the lyrics for a boy.