in G


I Gwish I had a nickel, I wish I had a D7dime,
I Gwish I had a Cpretty girl to Glove me Call the Gtime.

Get along Chome, Cindy Cindy,
Get along Ghome, Cindy Cindy,
Get along Chome, Cindyndy,
I'll Gmarry D7you some Gday.

You ought to see my Cindy,
She lives a way down south,
And she's so sweet the honey bees,
Swarm around her mouth.

The first time I saw Cindy,
She was standing in the door.
Her shoes and stockings in her hand,
Her feet all over the floor.

She took me to the parlor,
She cooled me with her fan,
She said I was the prettiest thing,
In the shape of mortal man.

I wish I were an apple,
A hanging on a tree,
And every time my Cindy passed,
She'd take a bite of me.

I wish I had a needle,
As fine as I could sew,
I'd sew that gal to my coat tail,
And down the road I'd go.