Bicycle Built for Two (Daisy Bell)

Harry Dacre

in G

GDaisy, Daisy, Cgive me your answer Gtrue,
D7I'm half Gcrazy A7all for the love of D7you.
It won't be a sylish Gmarriage;
I can't af-Cford a Gcarriage, D7
But Gyou'll look D7sweet Gupon the D7seet,
Of a Gbicylcle D7built for Gtwo.

GHarry, Harry, Chere is your answer Gtrue.
D7I'd be Gcrazy A7to marry a guy like D7you.
There wont be any Gmarriage,
If you can't a-Cfford a Gcarriage, D7
And GI'll be D7switched, Gif I'd get D7hitched,
On a Gbicylcle D7built for Gtwo.

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