Amazing Grace

in G

A-Gmaz-ing G7Grace, how Csweet the Gsound,
That Gsaved a wretch like Dme. D7
I Gonce was G7lost, but Cnow I'm Gfound,
Was Gblind, but D7now I Gsee.

'Twas Ggrace that G7tought my Cheart to Gfear,
And Ggrace my fears re-Dlieved. D7
How Gprecious G7did that Cgrace a-Gppear,
The Ghour I D7first be-Glieved.

When Gwe've been G7there ten Cthousand Gyears,
Bright Gshining as the Dsun, D7
We've Gno less G7days to Csing God's Gpraise,
Than Gwhen we're D7first be-Ggun.