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Enable Java to get working clocks. Nov. 2009

The AnalogClock applet accepts six parameters.

Notice the date and time is displayed in the status area of your browser when you move the mouse over one of the clocks.

On the right is the same applet with different parameters. The "solar" scale is a 24 hour scale with midnight at the bottom and noon at the top. For this scale I chose as a background an azimuthal projection centered on the North Pole. The gray rings are the seasonally important latitudes, the arctic circles, the tropics, and the equator. The gray radial lines are longitudes for 24 hours. The hour hand (the only hand) should point to where it is noon mean solar time. Notice that it takes the time of year into account. The little red dot nearby is the actual position of the sun. It will move between the tropics as the calendar moves between solstices. It will also move ahead or behind the mean solar noon (yellow line) during the year.

The globe comes from NASA's Bathysphere map. G.Projector was used to make the Lambert azimuthal equal-area projection. The Gimp was used to tweak the image adding transparency.

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Eric Blossom

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